State Electoral District of Strathfield

Post Election Night Two Candidate Preferred

Electors Enrolled: 49,084

Results Explanation

The Post Election Night Two Candidate Preferred (TCP) page displays the results for the two candidates selected by the Electoral Commissioner as the most likely to be the last two candidates in a distribution of preferences.

The page displays the TCP check count of election night ordinary votes plus declaration votes for each TCP candidate. The Exhausted votes are those votes which do not have a preference for either of the preferred candidates. The total TCP count must equal the formal votes for a polling place or declaration vote type.

A Grand Total is calculated in the second last line of table.

A percentage is displayed in the last line item of the table and is calculated by dividing TCP candidates' Grand Totals by the Grand Totals derived from the Total Formal Votes column less exhausted votes. The % for Informal Votes is calculated based on Grand Total of Total Votes Polled.

Explanation of declaration vote types.

First Preference Votes Summary - Two Candidate Preferred
Candidate Party Votes % Total Ordinary Formal Votes
JUDGE Virginia+ ALP+ 18,014 45.6 bar
CASUSCELLI Charles LP 21,487 54.4 bar

First Preference Votes
Polling PlacesJUDGE+
% by PP Exhausted Total Formal Informal Total Votes
Ashfield Boys High62057.7845342.221441,217371,254
Ashfield Presbyterian68557.5650542.441531,343391,382
Burwood Church of Christ29846.7134053.297571324737
Burwood Girls High1,07647.401,19452.602202,4901102,600
Burwood Pk Comm. Cntr36948.1139851.899085723880
Burwood Public1,08947.471,20552.532242,518842,602
Chalmers Rd School55826.181,57373.821502,281392,320
Croydon Park Public56343.2174056.791051,408461,454
Croydon Pre-Sch.40650.8839249.1212692419943
Enfield Public80147.8587352.151501,824721,896
Enfield Scout Hall30747.3834152.629974740787
Homebush Public76846.3588953.651861,843491,892
Homebush W Public67157.2050242.801091,282261,308
Malvern Hill Uniting52839.0082661.001591,513381,551
St Andrews Summer Hill35557.0726742.9311974124765
St James Croydon40749.6941250.3110392237959
St Johns Ashfield93453.9679746.042471,978722,050
St Johns Strathfield28726.7778573.23651,137151,152
St Patricks Cllg Strathfield18729.6844370.32316617668
Strathfield Girls High56942.0278557.981371,491331,524
Strathfield Sth Public68343.2889556.721541,732521,784
Strathfield Sth Uniting71948.5276351.481411,623611,684
Sydney Town Hall6459.264440.741612411135
The Infants Home33651.0632248.947473219751
Vision Australia Enfield14335.8425664.164244115456
Total Ordinary Votes13,42316,0003,11932,54299233,534
Postal/iVote Votes1,62045.751,92154.253513,892423,934
Declared Institution Votes2844.443555.56164165
Absent Votes1,49445.731,77354.275183,785983,883
Provisional/Silent Votes8854.327445.68161786184
Enrolment New Votes10547.5111652.49322533256
Pre-poll Votes1,25644.481,56855.522903,114673,181
Total Dec Votes4,5915,4871,20811,28621711,503
Grand Total18,01421,4874,32743,8281,20945,037
% of Total Vote† 45.60† 54.40--†† 2.68-

    +  Sitting Candidate or Party 
    †  Percentage of Total Formal Votes less Exhausted Votes  
  ††  Percentage of Total Number of Votes Polled