Legislative Assembly - Status Explanations

Election Night Pending:Status of a given District before 6.00 pm on election night, and until the first results are entered
Election Night Commenced:Status of a given District while results are being entered on election night
Final for Election Night:Status when a given District stops entering results on election night
Check-Count and Dec-Vote Commenced:Status when a given District is able to enter their First Preference Polling Place Check-Count results, and Declaration vote results
Check-Count Completed
(without Town Hall):
Status when a given district has completed entering their first preference polling place check-count results, excluding Sydney Town Hall results
Check-Count Completed
(Town Hall only):
Status when a given has completed entering their first preference check-count results for Sydney Town Hall
Check-Count Completed:Status when a given district has completed entering all their first preference check-count results from all polling, places, including Sydney Town Hall
Dec-Vote Count Completed:Status after all non-polling place votes, ie absent, postal, pre-poll/declared institution, silent, enrolment, iVote etc have been entered for a given district
Recount Pending:Status when a recount is pending for a given District
Final Result:Status when distribution of preferences or recount results have been finalised and published to the vtr for a given district.
Note: Distribution of preferences results are final subject to any recount request
Candidate Declared Elected:Status when successful candidate has been declared elected