State Electoral District of Hawkesbury

Post Election Night Two Candidate Preferred

Electors Enrolled: 51,331

Results Explanation

The Post Election Night Two Candidate Preferred (TCP) page displays the results for the two candidates selected by the Electoral Commissioner as the most likely to be the last two candidates in a distribution of preferences.

The page displays the TCP check count of election night ordinary votes plus declaration votes for each TCP candidate. The Exhausted votes are those votes which do not have a preference for either of the preferred candidates. The total TCP count must equal the formal votes for a polling place or declaration vote type.

A Grand Total is calculated in the second last line of table.

A percentage is displayed in the last line item of the table and is calculated by dividing TCP candidates' Grand Totals by the Grand Totals derived from the Total Formal Votes column less exhausted votes. The % for Informal Votes is calculated based on Grand Total of Total Votes Polled.

Explanation of declaration vote types.

First Preference Votes Summary - Two Candidate Preferred
Candidate Party Votes % Total Ordinary Formal Votes
WILLIAMS Ray+ LP+ 37,401 84.7 bar
WICKS Peter ALP 6,755 15.3 bar

First Preference Votes
Polling PlacesWILLIAMS+
% by PP Exhausted Total Formal Informal Total Votes
Annangrove Public1,12689.7912810.21681,322351,357
Arcadia Public63483.3112716.698184213855
Beaumont Hills Public2,47181.6355618.371873,214723,286
Bilpin Public28678.797721.214540816424
Cattai Public22186.333513.67192751276
Comleroy Rd Public75280.5118219.491081,042441,086
Dural Public64887.219512.795179421815
Ebenezer Public63482.4413517.569786614880
Glenhaven Public2,23689.5826010.421792,675652,740
Glenorie Public1,12885.7118814.291051,421421,463
Glossodia Public90780.9821319.021321,252551,307
Hawkesbury High39579.4810220.525655324577
Hillside Public31090.64329.36273698377
Horrie Eley Hall9174.593125.411513710147
Ironbark Ridge Public99687.6814012.32391,175241,199
Kellyville High1,47985.4925114.51871,817541,871
Kellyville Public1,80582.1239317.881662,364832,447
Kenthurst Public1,95486.7729813.231582,410552,465
Kurrajong E Public39481.578918.436154423567
Kurrajong Public27281.196318.81553908398
Maraylya Public63588.818011.192974414758
Maroota Public28188.093811.91153348342
Middle Dural Public62487.898612.114775716773
Oakville Public98689.2311910.77701,175311,206
Pitt Town Public86285.7714314.23871,092391,131
Rouse Hill Public2,21283.0645116.941592,822832,905
Samuel Gilbert Public40386.306413.703950616522
Sherwood Ridge Public1,35883.8326216.171101,730441,774
St Albans Arts Hall7370.193129.81261303133
Sth Maroota Comm. Hall32488.774111.23103755380
Sydney Town Hall2068.97931.03332234
Tennyson RFS20987.453012.55242638271
Vineyard Public16981.643818.36122196225
Wilberforce Public1,27681.9028218.101321,690791,769
Wisemans Ferry Public24581.945418.06203199328
Total Ordinary Votes28,4165,1232,51936,0581,03037,088
Postal/iVote Votes2,42287.2535412.751382,914412,955
Declared Institution Votes1381.25318.75117017
Absent Votes4,90882.271,05817.735826,5481906,738
Provisional/Silent Votes11982.072617.93161616167
Enrolment New Votes19881.484518.52252685273
Pre-poll Votes1,32590.071469.93631,534281,562
Total Dec Votes8,9851,63282511,44227011,712
Grand Total37,4016,7553,34447,5001,30048,800
% of Total Vote† 84.70† 15.30--†† 2.66-

    +  Sitting Candidate or Party 
    †  Percentage of Total Formal Votes less Exhausted Votes  
  ††  Percentage of Total Number of Votes Polled