State Electoral District of Granville

Post Election Night Two Candidate Preferred

Electors Enrolled: 50,957

Results Explanation

The Post Election Night Two Candidate Preferred (TCP) page displays the results for the two candidates selected by the Electoral Commissioner as the most likely to be the last two candidates in a distribution of preferences.

The page displays the TCP check count of election night ordinary votes plus declaration votes for each TCP candidate. The Exhausted votes are those votes which do not have a preference for either of the preferred candidates. The total TCP count must equal the formal votes for a polling place or declaration vote type.

A Grand Total is calculated in the second last line of table.

A percentage is displayed in the last line item of the table and is calculated by dividing TCP candidates' Grand Totals by the Grand Totals derived from the Total Formal Votes column less exhausted votes. The % for Informal Votes is calculated based on Grand Total of Total Votes Polled.

Explanation of declaration vote types.

First Preference Votes Summary - Two Candidate Preferred
Candidate Party Votes % Total Ordinary Formal Votes
ISSA Tony LP 21,276 52.7 bar
BORGER David+ ALP+ 19,093 47.3 bar

First Preference Votes
Polling PlacesISSA
% by PP Exhausted Total Formal Informal Total Votes
Beresford Rd Public10157.397542.612319912211
Blaxcell St Public1,32451.101,26748.901552,7461582,904
Cardinal Gilroy Village18753.5816246.423638511396
Coolibah Fitness Cntr81455.1566244.851691,645811,726
Granville E Public93952.3185647.692142,009992,108
Granville Public53443.4569556.551271,356731,429
Granville Sth High51653.3645146.641861,153641,217
Granville Sth Public62755.9849344.021331,253701,323
Granville Town Hall52545.6962454.311321,281551,336
Greystanes Public25057.2118742.795949630526
Hilltop Rd Public1,61656.801,22943.202873,1321833,315
Holroyd High41949.4142950.597392151972
Holroyd School15952.1314647.87173229331
Holryod Cntr49543.1265356.881231,271671,338
Merrylands E Public75149.0278150.981361,668801,748
Merrylands Public97854.1882745.821451,9501002,050
Parramatta High20755.2016844.806343834472
Parramatta Town Hall32548.5134551.4912179139830
Parramatta W Public73752.1267747.881531,567811,648
Ringrose Public1,26254.351,06045.652402,5621372,699
Rosehill Public14949.1715450.834434714361
Salvo Hall Granville34849.0136250.997278226808
St Marys Guildford87456.5367243.471211,667721,739
St Thomas Merrylands92258.5065441.501691,745911,836
Sth Wentworthville Guide Hall31756.8124143.195661431645
Sydney Town Hall3149.213250.79770373
Wentworthville Baptist44359.5430140.467682036856
Total Ordinary Votes15,85014,2033,13733,1901,70734,897
Postal/iVote Votes1,59149.391,63050.614523,673323,705
Declared Institution Votes350.00350.002808
Absent Votes2,13652.151,96047.855334,6292104,839
Provisional/Silent Votes6053.575246.431612811139
Enrolment New Votes13650.7513249.257834637383
Pre-poll Votes1,50057.411,11342.592082,821602,881
Total Dec Votes5,4264,8901,28911,60535011,955
Grand Total21,27619,0934,42644,7952,05746,852
% of Total Vote† 52.70† 47.30--†† 4.39-

    +  Sitting Candidate or Party 
    †  Percentage of Total Formal Votes less Exhausted Votes  
  ††  Percentage of Total Number of Votes Polled