State Electoral District of Bankstown

Election Night Two Candidate Preferred

Electors Enrolled: 48,714

Results Explanation

The Election Night Two Candidate Preferred (TCP) page displays the results for the two candidates selected by the Electoral Commissioner as the most likely to be the last two candidates in a distribution of preferences.

The page displays the TCP count of Election Night Ordinary Votes. The exhausted votes are those votes which do not have a preference for either of the preferred candidates. The total TCP count must equal the formal votes for a polling place or declaration vote type.

A Grand Total is calculated in the second last line of table.

A percentage is displayed in the last line item of the table and is calculated by dividing TCP candidates' Grand Totals by the Grand Totals derived from the Total Formal Votes column less exhausted votes. The % for Informal Votes is calculated based on Grand Total of Total Votes Polled.

Vote Summary - Two Candidate Preferred
Candidate Party Votes % Total Ordinary Formal Votes
MIHAILUK TaniaALP+16,32561.5bar
CHAHINE BillLP10,21238.5bar

   + Sitting Candidate or Party

First Preference Votes
Polling PlacesMIHAILUK
% by PPExhaustedTotal
Informal Total
Banksia Rd Public45253.7538946.252251,066931,159
Bankstown Nth Public67363.6738436.332761,3331041,437
Bankstown Public1,45270.3161329.693022,3671602,527
Bankstown Snr55565.3729434.63122971571,028
Bankstown Snr Ctzns Cntr56965.6329834.371541,021811,102
Bankstown Sth Infants83264.7045435.303231,6091451,754
Bankstown W Public89062.8152737.192281,6451101,755
Bass High1,25058.3389341.674812,6241772,801
Bass Hill Public85554.5371345.473471,9151482,063
Birrong Public49458.3935241.611811,027961,123
Condell Park Public21260.4013939.6010145256508
Georges Hall Public1,26059.0287540.983612,4961962,692
Greenacre Snr Ctzns Cntr55753.3548746.652201,2641021,366
Greenacre YMCA1,43655.041,17344.966503,2592773,536
Mt Lewis Infants71156.7454243.263361,5891101,699
Punchbowl Boys86464.4347735.574321,7731281,901
Punchbowl Public13063.117636.895626221283
St Marks Yagoona64162.4138637.592571,284721,356
St Pauls Anglican Bankstown1,12669.4249630.582121,8341131,947
Sydney Town Hall2452.172247.83652355
Yagoona Snr Ctzns Cntr1,34268.3362231.673042,2681802,448
Total Ordinary Votes16,32510,2125,57432,1112,42934,540
% of Total Vote61.5238.48--††7.56-

    +  Sitting Candidate or Party 
    †  Percentage of Total Formal Votes less Exhausted Votes  
  ††  Percentage of Total Number of Votes Polled