Total Number of Electors: Residential and non-residential electors enrolled in this Council area on 31 July 2017 was 126,200. Electors may continue to enrol up to and including Election Day.

A Council may take a Poll of electors for its information and guidance on any matter.

The question at a Council Poll is carried if it is supported by a majority of the formal votes cast.

Question No. 1(Status: Count Complete)

Cumberland Council currently operates five public swimming pools in the Local Government Area. Each year the five pools expect to cater for a total of approximately 405,000 visitors. In 2018 it is estimated that the total operating costs of all five pools will exceed revenues by almost $2.15 million (which is 2.4% of Council’s rates income), and it is expected that the shortfall will increase in subsequent years. Council subsidises these pools by using other funding sources , such as rates to cover the shortfall. Do you support Council continuing to operate and subsidise all of these swimming pools?

Voter Turnout: 76.55%
Informal Rate: 9.03%

Question 1 Votes
Votes % Formal Votes
Yes 65,745 74.81%
No 22,137 25.19%
Total Formal Votes Counted 87,882 100%
Total Informal Votes 8,724 9.03%
Total Votes 96,606
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Poll Status
Question 1 Ready 09/09/2017 17:00
Commenced 09/09/2017 19:01
Final for Saturday 09/09/2017 23:59
Continuing 10/09/2017 11:11
Count Complete 16/09/2017 14:57