The New South Wales Electoral Commission (NSWEC) Virtual Tally Room (VTR) contains election results for the Local Council elections held on 9 September 2017.


Welcome to the results page for the NSW Local Government Elections 2017 (LGE2017) which is very similar to the NSWEC Virtual Tally Room (VTR) at the completion of the election.

Elections conducted by NSWEC

Section 296 of the Local Government Elections Act was changed on 27 June 2011 giving Councils the opportunity to conduct their own elections if they wished. The vast majority of Councils decided to continue to use the expertise and experience of the NSWEC.

Councils conducting their own elections are identified on the Results by Local Government Area page by an asterisk.

During the election period the VTR only contained results for elections conducted by the NSWEC. Elections conducted by Councils have been published on this site post the declaration of these elections.

The VTR operated throughout the election event and published results from election night through to the declaration of the successful Councillor candidates, Mayoral candidates, and the final results of Referendums and Polls.

The menu on the left provides access to results and information about the status and the dates and time the status was achieved for elections run by the NSWEC.


For detailed results for a Local Government Area (Council) go to Results by Local Government Area.

Counting of Votes

Each contest type is counted differently. Counts for Mayoral, Referendum and Poll are conducted manually at the Returning Officer's office and reported on the VTR.

The more complex Councillor counts are conducted using a combination of manual counting (initial count) and data entry (check count) into the NSWEC counting software. The data entry (check count) is conducted at a NSWEC Local Government Count Centre.


The NSWEC was responsible for 45 Council elections. As part of the data entry markings from each ballot paper were either bulk entered or data entered paper by paper into the NSWEC proportional representation count system. Files with full preference markings for each Council election are available from this site now candidates are declared elected for each contest.

Mayoral, Referendum and Poll

The NSWEC was responsible for conducting 12 elections for a popularly elected Mayor.
The NSWEC was also responsible for conducting 4 Referendums and 2 Polls.

Councils Administering their Own Elections

Maitland City Council elected to administer their own election, results were reported on their Council website and have been supplied by the council and incorporated on this website. The NSWEC takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this data.

Councils in Administration

Central Darling was in administration and as such was unable to participate in this election.

Local Government Election Results 2016

For results of Council elections conducted in 2016 please visit Past Results for Local Government 2016.