Saturday 28 March 2015

Legislative Council - Preference Data

The link below is a download link and contains a zip file with all Legislative Council preference markings for the whole state in one file.

LC Preferences State-wide [101MB]

The file below has the same data as above but each district is held in a separate file.

LC Preferences by District [100MB]

Each record in the file represents a preference marking. The format has been determined to allow the greatest flexibility for analysis using a database. The file can be readily imported into a database as a tab delimited file.

Field Name Field Value Data Type
SequenceNumberPrimary Key for each record in the table commencing at 1Integer, not null
DistrictShort District NameVarchar, not null
VoteTypeIdentifies the source of the ballot paper e.g. PP for Polling Place, PR for Pre-poll, DV for Declaration VoteVarchar, not null
Venue/VoteSubTypeVenue name where an Ordinary vote is taken for polling place or pre-poll. Note Declared Institution is defined as one venue within each district. The remaining Vote Sub Types are Absent, Enrolment, iVote, Postal, Provisional/Silent.Varchar, not null
VCBallotPaperIDVirtual ballot paper id, uniquely identify a ballot paper with in a contest.Integer, not null
PreferenceMarkPreference marking as seen on ballot paper either a series of numbers comprising characters 0 to 9 or / or xVarchar or null
PreferenceNumberPreference number as interpreted from preference marking used in count. Must be an integer greater than Zero. Only shown where the formality of the ballot paper is Formal.Integer, not null
CandidateNameCandidate name as shown on the ballot.Varchar, not null
GroupCodeThe group code of the group the candidate is in A to X omitting U, V, W. For ungrouped candidate the field is BlankVarchar or null
DrawOrderA number between 1 and the maximum number of candidates in a given group or ungrouped on the Ballot paper.Integer, not null
FormalityIdentifies if ballot paper is Formal or Informal.Varchar, not null
TypeSATL (Single Preference ATL), RATL (Multiple Preference ATL) and BTL (Below The Line).Varchar, not null

The LC candidates and groups contained in the preference files are summarised in the file SGE2015 LC Candidates v1 [26 KB XSLX]

The formality rules used to determine the formality in the above file are LC Formality Rules [240 KB PDF]

The specification for the Legislative Council count can be found at Functional Requirements Specification for the LC Vote Count v3.2

The legislation supporting this specification and defining the LC count can be found at Constitution Act - Sixth Schedule Conduct of Legislative Council elections