Saturday 28 March 2015

The NSWEC Virtual Tally Room (VTR) contains results for the 2015 Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council Elections.

Welcome to the NSWEC VTR which contains the final results for the NSW State Election 2015. This website commenced operation at 6:00pm on Saturday 28 March 2015 with the first results displayed from 6:20pm and most election night results reported by 11:00pm. The following table shows the returns for election night for the 2,900 polling places used at the election.

Time of night Legislative Assembly First Preference Results Cum. % Legislative Assembly Two Candidate Preferred Results Cum. % Legislative Council First Preference Results Cum. %
6 PM 328 11%322 11%7 0%
7 PM 1076 48%1030 47%122 4%
8 PM 875 79%829 75%34016%
9 PM 315 89%297 85%75642%
10 PM 142 94%127 90%80570%
11 PM 91 97%79 93%39984%
12 AM 11 98%11 93%56 86%
2838 2695 2485
The Legislative Assembly

The Legislative Assembly consists of 93 electoral districts. A member is elected for a 4 year term. Electors in each district vote for one member to represent them in the Legislative Assembly.

Legislative Assembly Count Explanation

Click on the link above for an explanation of the Legislative Assembly ballot paper count process.

The Legislative Council

The Legislative Council consists of 42 members. Each member is elected for 8 years or two terms of the Parliament. At each State Election, half of these member's terms expire so an election is held only for 21 members. All electors in NSW vote for these 21 members.

Legislative Council Count Explanation

Click on the link above for an explanation of the Legislative Council ballot paper count process.