Tweed Shire Council


Total Number of Electors: Residential and non-residential electors enrolled in this Council area on 1 August 2016 was 66,969. Electors may continue to enrol up to and including Election Day.

A Constitutional Referendum is a special poll initiated by a Council that can only contain questions relating to the creation or abolition of wards, the way the Mayor is elected, or changing the number of councillors. The outcome of a Constitutional Referendum is binding on the Council.

The question at a Council Constitutional Referendum is carried if it is supported by a majority of the formal votes cast.

Question No. 1(Status: Count Complete)

Do you support an increase in the number of Tweed Shire Councillors from sever (7) to nine (9)? If there is majority support for the proposal, the changes will take effect from the 2020 Local Government election.

Question No. 1 was declared NOT PASSED on 04/11/2016

Voter Turnout: 75.7%
Informal Rate: 3.31%

Question 1 Votes
Votes % Formal Votes
Yes 16,890 34.46%
No 32,125 65.54%
Total Formal Votes Counted 49,015 100%
Total Informal Votes 1,680 3.31%
Total Votes 50,695
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Referendum Status
Question 1 Ready 28/10/2016 13:52
Commenced 29/10/2016 20:15
Final for Saturday 29/10/2016 23:29
Continuing 30/10/2016 08:35
Count Complete 04/11/2016 11:19
Result Declared 04/11/2016 18:00