Last Updated: 19/09/2008 Time: 21:04:26  Status: Declared Election
Current as at: 25/09/2008 Time: 18:15:24


Summary of First Preference and Group Votes for each Candidate (Status: Declared Election)

Residential and Non-residential Electors enrolled on 4 August 2008: 4,642

Voting System: Proportional Representation (PR)

12 candidates contesting 9 vacancies

GroupCandidatePartyElection NightCheck CountCheck Count
& Dec
%FP Votes%FP Votes%FP Votes
AGroup Votes 
SHARP 226472263923805
SHIELLS 515351535186
MacFARLANE 719871926223
DOCKREY 721572157251
HOSKING 616561646217
GRAHAM 617561756217
CALDWELL 822082168285
BGroup Votes 
WEYRICH 123611235612409
GRAY 267267388
MURPHY 823382328283
MURPHY 822682267246
POCKLINGTON 824782448281
Total Formal Votes Counted 2,907 2,879 3,491
Informal Votes 186 214 246
Total Votes Counted3,093 3,093 3,737

BRIAN SHARP was declared elected to position 1 on 18 September 2008

THOMAS WEYRICH was declared elected to position 2 on 18 September 2008

GRAEME SHIELLS was declared elected to position 3 on 18 September 2008

BETTY MURPHY was declared elected to position 4 on 18 September 2008

BOB CALDWELL was declared elected to position 5 on 18 September 2008

DI MACFARLANE was declared elected to position 6 on 18 September 2008

PHILLIP HOSKING was declared elected to position 7 on 18 September 2008

JOHN POCKLINGTON was declared elected to position 8 on 18 September 2008

BILL DOCKREY was declared elected to position 9 on 18 September 2008


Summary Page - Proportional Representation Count - BTL Groups

This screen provides all the First Preference (FP) counts for each stage of the election. The screen is progressively updated as results are received.

Election Night

Comprises count in Polling Place of Ordinary Votes taken on election night. Finalised when status "Final for Election Night" is shown.

Check Count

Comprises count of Ordinary Votes in Returning Officer's office on Sunday. Finalised when status "Check Count Complete" is shown.

Check Count & Dec

Sum of Check Count Votes and Declaration Votes (Postal, Declared Institution, Prepoll, Silent and Section Votes). Declaration Votes are counted from election night until final count commenced. Used as the starting point for the final count. Finalised when status "Declaration Vote Count Complete" is shown.