The New South Wales Electoral Commission Virtual Tally Room contains election results for the Local Government elections held on 13 September 2008.

For more detailed information about each Local Government Area (Council) go to Results by Local Government Area


Welcome to the NSWEC Virtual Tally Room (VTR) for the NSW Local Government Elections 2008 (LG2008). This web site commences operating at 6pm on the 13 September 2008 with the first results at about 6:30pm and most election night results in by 10pm.

The VTR contains results for all 332 contests comprising the LG2008 event. The VTR operates throughout the election event and contains results from election night through to the declaration of candidates and referendums.

Sub menus on the left provide information about the current status of each election or contest. Information on these pages is updated when new results are entered or when an election or contest is given a new status. Details of each status with an associated description is contained on the bottom of each of the status pages.

Count of Votes

As a result of the various types of elections, some counts are conducted locally by the returning officer, whilst other counts (the more complex ones) are conducted at the NSWEC Local Government Count Centre in Sydney.

Local Government Count Centre

There are some 271 Councillor elections of which 165 will be counted using the NSWEC LCLG proportional representation counting system at the Local Government Counting Centre (LGCC). The counts to be undertaken at the LGCC have been identified in the LGCC Counting Schedule available from the menu on the left.

See the following link for a DVD explanation of this process:

View video on vote counting at Riverwood counting centre

Local Counts

All Mayoral, Referendums and Polls, and some Councillor elections, will be counted locally by the returning officer. Final distribution of preference counts conducted locally will commence on Tuesday 16 September. Details of schedules can be obtained from the local returning officer for the council area.

The "Council Status" schedule available from the menu on the left, will show those councils where the count is conducted locally.