Last Updated: 23/09/2008 Time: 17:04:25  Status: Declared Election
Current as at: 25/09/2008 Time: 18:15:24


Summary of First Preference and Group Votes for each Candidate (Status: Declared Election)

Residential and Non-residential Electors enrolled on 4 August 2008: 8,065

Voting System: Proportional Representation (PR)

24 candidates contesting 12 vacancies

GroupCandidatePartyElection NightCheck CountCheck Count
& Dec
%FP Votes%FP Votes%FP Votes
AGroup Votes 
EVANS 211421142142
BROOKER 155155166
BGroup Votes 
WANNAN 2902902106
CGroup Votes 
BOARDMAN 316231633205
PERCY 21012992123
MUNRO 166165188
DGroup Votes 
TRAMBY 629562976397
REGAN 161160173
EGroup Votes 
TZANNES 212021192139
FGroup Votes 
GALL 1651652120
WHIBLEY 153153182
GGroup Votes 
FERNANCE 211921172145
VON DREHNEN 313431343178
SHEPHERD 279279296
HGroup Votes 
DILLON 419141914226
BURLEY 012012016
MARSDEN 050607
DAHLSTROM 315931603181
MONTGOMERY 316931694238
Total Formal Votes Counted 4,935 4,923 6,318
Informal Votes 268 281 316
Total Votes Counted5,203 5,204 6,634

KATRINA HUMPHRIES was declared elected to position 1 on 23 September 2008

TIM WANNAN was declared elected to position 2 on 23 September 2008

SUE PRICE was declared elected to position 3 on 23 September 2008

JOHN TRAMBY was declared elected to position 4 on 23 September 2008

THEO TZANNES was declared elected to position 5 on 23 September 2008

JAMES VON DREHNEN was declared elected to position 6 on 23 September 2008

PETER STRANG was declared elected to position 7 on 23 September 2008

GEOFF PERCY was declared elected to position 8 on 23 September 2008

MIKE MONTGOMERY was declared elected to position 9 on 23 September 2008

RON FERNANCE was declared elected to position 10 on 23 September 2008

CLAUDIA GALL was declared elected to position 11 on 23 September 2008

RODNEY BRAZEL was declared elected to position 12 on 23 September 2008


Summary Page - Proportional Representation Count - BTL Groups

This screen provides all the First Preference (FP) counts for each stage of the election. The screen is progressively updated as results are received.

Election Night

Comprises count in Polling Place of Ordinary Votes taken on election night. Finalised when status "Final for Election Night" is shown.

Check Count

Comprises count of Ordinary Votes in Returning Officer's office on Sunday. Finalised when status "Check Count Complete" is shown.

Check Count & Dec

Sum of Check Count Votes and Declaration Votes (Postal, Declared Institution, Prepoll, Silent and Section Votes). Declaration Votes are counted from election night until final count commenced. Used as the starting point for the final count. Finalised when status "Declaration Vote Count Complete" is shown.