City of Sydney

Councillor Election

City of Sydney - Distribution of Preferences - Count Index

Last Updated On: 22/12/2021 12:02
Candidates to be Elected: 9
Counts Required: 40
Quota: 11,736
The margin between the last elected candidate GANNON Lyndon and the last un-elected/excluded candidate VITHOULKAS Angela is 1,281.
Count Description Candidates Elected
001 First Preference SCULLY Jess
002 Distribution of SCULLY Jess's preferences KOK Robert
003 Distribution of JARRETT Shauna's preferences
004 Distribution of SCOTT Linda's preferences
005 Distribution of ELLSMORE Sylvie's preferences
006 Distribution of KOK Robert's preferences DAVIS Emelda
007 Distribution of DAVIS Emelda's preferences
008 Exclusion of SUDALE Allan's preferences
009 Exclusion of SANTER Nicole's preferences
010 Exclusion of JOEL Phillip's preferences
011 Exclusion of COULTER Tatiana's preferences
012 Exclusion of HODGE Mark's preferences
013 Exclusion of CROSSIN Paul's preferences
014 Exclusion of JAYNE Lisa's preferences
015 Exclusion of SABERI KALAEE Meead's preferences
016 Exclusion of STANTON Phyllisse's preferences
017 Exclusion of LAWSON Meagan's preferences
018 Exclusion of SAHAI Chetan's preferences
019 Exclusion of HICKLIN Richard's preferences
020 Exclusion of FREYER Karen's preferences
021 Exclusion of POOLEY Tony's preferences
022 Exclusion of CONLON Stephen's preferences
023 Exclusion of BENTLEY Frier's preferences
024 Exclusion of DE SILVA Kiran's preferences
025 Exclusion of STEVENSEN Tamira's preferences
026 Exclusion of SMITH Mark's preferences
027 Exclusion of LEE Ricky's preferences
028 Exclusion of CZULKOWSKI Elaine's preferences
029 Exclusion of WORLING Adam's preferences
030 Exclusion of MCFADDEN John's preferences
031 Exclusion of ROBERTS Ian's preferences
032 Exclusion of ALCORSO Caroline's preferences
033 Exclusion of GALVIN Mike's preferences
034 Exclusion of DANIELI Sam's preferences
035 Exclusion of INGRAM Norma's preferences
036 Exclusion of THALIS Philip's preferences
037 Exclusion of ZHOU Wen's preferences
038 Exclusion of MILLER Jess's preferences
039 Exclusion of TOBOREK Dejay's preferences
040 Exclusion of MINTON Damien's preferences CHAN William
GANNON Lyndon*
Candidate(s) marked with an asterisk were elected without reaching quota.
Candidates elected at the same count are displayed in the order they appear on the ballot paper.