North Sydney

Councillor Election

North Sydney Cammeraygal Ward - Distribution of Preferences - Count Index

Last Updated On: 22/12/2021 09:31
Candidates to be Elected: 5
Counts Required: 37
Quota: 3,182
The margin between the last elected candidate LAMB Georgia and the last un-elected/excluded candidate BAUER Hugo is 153.
Count Description Candidates Elected
001 First Preference GIBSON Jilly
002 Distribution of GIBSON Jilly's preferences
003 Exclusion of LINGHAM Michelle's preferences
004 Exclusion of BOTH Candice's preferences
005 Exclusion of BEGBIE James's preferences
006 Exclusion of FARRELL Isabella's preferences
007 Exclusion of HARTLEY Rose's preferences
008 Exclusion of SMITH Melinda's preferences
009 Exclusion of COWLING Kel's preferences
010 Exclusion of COLLINS Liam's preferences
011 Exclusion of QUILTY Jessica's preferences
012 Exclusion of MOON Timothy's preferences
013 Exclusion of KARKI BASNET Anjana's preferences
014 Exclusion of MICKLEBURGH David's preferences
015 Exclusion of JUDD Amanda (Jane)'s preferences
016 Exclusion of CAVALLARO Elena's preferences
017 Exclusion of REDDY Koovashni's preferences
018 Exclusion of EGGLETON Bob's preferences
019 Exclusion of LUCAS John's preferences
020 Exclusion of RESENDE Jorge's preferences
021 Exclusion of BERNASCONI Nathan's preferences
022 Exclusion of GREY Ian's preferences
023 Exclusion of PHAM Kristine's preferences
024 Exclusion of GRIMSHAW Bruce's preferences
025 Exclusion of WANT Michael's preferences
026 Exclusion of BLAIR Estelle's preferences
027 Exclusion of CAMERON Marilyn's preferences
028 Exclusion of PEARSON Richard's preferences
029 Exclusion of KANG Sandeep (Sunny)'s preferences
030 Exclusion of MARTIN David's preferences
031 Exclusion of HOUVARDAS Steven's preferences
032 Exclusion of WESTWOOD Faye's preferences
033 Exclusion of RICHMOND Katie's preferences
034 Exclusion of CHOI Jane's preferences
035 Exclusion of WINTON Sophie's preferences
036 Exclusion of PREVOST Elle's preferences
037 Exclusion of MULLAN James's preferences MUTTON Ian*
WELCH Shannon*
LAMB Georgia*
Candidate(s) marked with an asterisk were elected without reaching quota.
Candidates elected at the same count are displayed in the order they appear on the ballot paper.