Georges River

Councillor Election

Georges River Blakehurst Ward - First Preference Votes by Venue and Aggregated Vote Type

Last Updated On: 20/12/2021 14:01
Candidates to be Elected: 3
Quota: 4,036
Venue Name / Aggregated Vote Type
Polling Place
       Bald Face Public
       Blakehurst Baptist
       Blakehurst Public
       Connells Pt Public
       Hurstville Grove Infants
       Hurstville Snr Ctzns Cntr
       Hurstville Sth Public
       Mortdale Public
       Oatley Anglican
       Oatley Public
       Penshurst Girls
       PJ Ferry Hall
       St Marks Sth Hurstville
       St Raphaels Sth Hurstville
       Hurstville Pre-Poll
       Kogarah Pre-Poll
       Mortdale Pre-Poll
Declaration Vote