Georges River

Councillor Election

Georges River Blakehurst Ward - Distribution of Preferences - Count Index

Last Updated On: 20/12/2021 14:01
Candidates to be Elected: 3
Counts Required: 12
Quota: 4,036
The margin between the last elected candidate LANDSBERRY Kathryn and the last un-elected/excluded candidate GREKAS Sandy is 1,753.
Count Description Candidates Elected
001 First Preference MORT Natalie
002 Distribution of ELMIR Sam's preferences
003 Distribution of MORT Natalie's preferences
004 Exclusion of HARCOURT Russell's preferences
005 Exclusion of MIDDLETON Michele's preferences
006 Exclusion of DA SILVA Lisa's preferences
007 Exclusion of GANGOPADHYAY Karno's preferences
008 Exclusion of SZALAY Sue's preferences
009 Exclusion of SMITH Fran's preferences
010 Exclusion of CASSIMATIS Mary's preferences
011 Exclusion of TAYLOR Elizabeth's preferences
012 Exclusion of MCFARLAND Paulette's preferences LANDSBERRY Kathryn*
Candidate(s) marked with an asterisk were elected without reaching quota.
Candidates elected at the same count are displayed in the order they appear on the ballot paper.