Statewide Summary

Electors Enrolled: 4,635,810

Results Explanation

This page shows group first preference "above the live" votes cast statewide for each Legislative Council group. It also shows the number of "Other" votes cast, which includes all "below the line" votes and some of the informal ballots. The number of Blank ballot papers is also shown, all these ballots are informal.

Group results are shown as election night polling place ordinary vote results, and declaration vote results which are counted after election night. The sum of these votes is shown in the total column. A percentage of group votes against Total Formal votes are shown in the % column.

The quota ratio column gives an indication of the number of quotas a group has attained from their "above the live" votes. The quota calculation is based on the first preference above the line votes for each group and the Total Formal Votes. Note this quota calculation is only indicative as some formal votes are included with "Other" Votes. Therefore the quota ratio is not an exact and will not match the quota ratio calculated after all "below the line" candidate votes have been data entered and all informal votes have been identified.

First Preference Group Votes
Group Group/Party Name Election Night Declaration Total % Quota
A LIBERAL/NATIONALS 1,401,925516,0761,918,00148.5710.69
B NO PARKING METERS PARTY 33,20313,36746,5701.180.26
C 33,3129,67242,9841.090.24
D OUTDOOR RECREATION PARTY 21,0038,51129,5140.750.16
E SAVE OUR STATE 9,5063,51813,0240.330.07
G FAMILY FIRST 41,04014,66055,7001.410.31
H LABOR/COUNTRY LABOR 711,998237,677949,67524.055.29
I THE GREENS 325,486113,293438,77911.112.44
J 53,48920,42973,9181.870.41
K SOCIALIST ALLIANCE 7,2332,5379,7700.250.05
L AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRATS 23,0218,73631,7570.800.18
M BUILDING AUSTRALIA 6,3622,2158,5770.220.05
N RESTORE THE WORKERS' RIGHTS PARTY 11,9934,72216,7150.420.09
O THE FISHING PARTY 38,00813,27651,2841.300.29
P SHOOTERS AND FISHERS 108,30635,519143,8253.640.80
Total Formal Votes 2,916,488 1,032,497 3,948,985
Other (including informal) 142,051 45,981 188,032
Blank Votes131,218 23,989 155,207
Total Votes3,189,757 1,102,467 4,292,224