Legislative Assembly Summary

Results Explanation

This page shows the state wide Legislative Assembly result for each district based on the Two Candidate Preferred (TCP) count of ballot papers after they had been check-counted. Note this page is not predictive but rather is a summary of the district TCP outcome for polling place votes including check count and declaration votes.

The page also shows the swing associated with TCP counts based on the Distribution of Preferences (DoP) for the 2007 State Election or a subsequent by election. In some cases it is not possible to show a swing where there is not a relevant prior party or candidate to match to the 2011 TCP result.

The TCP candidates selected are normally those candidates which the Electoral Commissioner determines the most likely to be the last two candidates in a full distribution of preference count. However, an exception to this approach occurs where districts have been won by an absolute majority on first preference. In these cases the Electoral Commissioner has selected ALP and Coalition candidates as the TCP candidates. This selection assists election commentators determining state wide electoral swings.

In other cases where it was deemed appropriate the TCP candidates were changed before check count was conducted or declaration votes counted and TCP results are shown for the revised candidates. The districts where this has occurred are Hornsby and Lake Macquarie.

Legislative Assembly - Check Count Results by District
Party AffiliationSwing from 2007
(TCP %)
(TCP %)
(TCP %)
Swing %Comment
AlburyAPLIN+LP+76.9100Swing Up7.9
AuburnPERRY+ALP+58.5100Swing Down-20.3
BallinaPAGE+NP+*100See Note 1 below
BalmainSee Note 3 below
BankstownMIHAILUKALP+60.3100Swing Down-15.2
BarwonHUMPHRIES+NP+82.0100Swing Up26.0
BathurstTOOLENP73.7100Swing Up36.7
Baulkham HillsELLIOTTLP+76.4100Swing Up15.9
BegaCONSTANCE+LP+68.6100Swing Up13.6
BlacktownROBERTSONALP+53.7100Swing Down-18.7
Blue MountainsSAGELP54.8100Swing Up15.8
BurrinjuckHODGKINSON+NP+81.1100Swing Up13.7
CabramattaLALICH+ALP+52.1100Swing Down-5.1By Election 2008
CamdenPATTERSONLP68.9100Swing Up22.8
CampbelltownDOYLELP53.4100Swing Up21.8
CanterburyBURNEY+ALP+58.4100Swing Down-18.7
Castle HillPERROTTETLP+80.8100Swing Up11.8
CessnockBARRCL54.4100Swing Down-8.1
CharlestownCORNWELLLP59.9100No 2007 data
ClarenceCANSDELL+NP+*100See Note 1 below
Coffs HarbourFRASER+NP+77.2100Swing Up9.6
CoogeeNOTLEY-SMITHLP58.2100Swing Up15.5
CronullaSPEAKMANLP+75.5100Swing Up8.1
DavidsonO'DEA+LP+*100See Note 1 below
DrummoyneSIDOTILP66.7100Swing Up24.3
DubboGRANTNP63.7100Swing Up14.5
East HillsBROOKESLP50.6100Swing Up14.7
EppingSMITH+LP+*100See Note 1 below
FairfieldZANGARIALP+51.7100Swing Down-18.7
GosfordHOLSTEINLP61.9100Swing Up16.7
GoulburnGOWARD+LP+76.6100Swing Up25.3
GranvilleISSALP52.7100Swing Up13.8
HawkesburyWILLIAMS+LP+84.7100Swing Up28.7
HeathcoteEVANSLP62.9100Swing Up21.7
HeffronKENEALLY+ALP+57.1100Swing Down-16.6
HornsbyKEANLP+62.1100Swing Down-4.4New TCP Candidates
KeiraPARKALP+53.9100Swing Down-18.2
KiamaWARDLP57.5100Swing Up19.4
KogarahBURTON+ALP+51.9100Swing Down-15.8
Ku-ring-gaiO'FARRELL+LP+*100See Note 1 below
LakembaFUROLO+ALP+57.0100Swing Down-13.5By Election 2008
Lake MacquariePIPER+IND+64.9100Swing Up14.7New TCP Candidates
Lane CoveROBERTS+LP+*100See Note 1 below
LismoreGEORGE+NP+*100See Note 1 below
LiverpoolLYNCH+ALP+64.7100Swing Down-12.2
LondonderryBASSETTLP62.3100Swing Up19.2
Macquarie FieldsMcDONALD+ALP+51.5100Swing Down-9.6
MaitlandPARKERLP56.3100No 2007 data
ManlyBAIRD+LP+*100See Note 1 below
MaroubraDALEY+ALP+51.5100Swing Down-14.6
MarrickvilleTEBBUTT+ALP+50.9100Swing Down-6.6
MenaiGIBBONSLP74.4100Swing Up27.1
MirandaANNESLEYLP71.0100Swing Up21.8
MonaroBARILARONP52.1100Swing Up8.4
Mount DruittAMERY+ALP+56.7100Swing Down-18.6
MulgoaDAVIESLP62.0100Swing Up23.2
Murray-DarlingWILLIAMS+NP+77.2100Swing Up17.1
MurrumbidgeePICCOLI+NP+77.9100Swing Up11.8
Myall LakesBROMHEADNP+*100See Note 1 below
Newcastle100See Note 2 below
Northern TablelandsTORBAY+IND+69.4100Swing Down-10.8
North ShoreSKINNER+LP+*100See Note 1 below
OatleyCOURELP50.5100Swing Up14.9
OrangeGEENP+*100See Note 1 below
OxleySTONER+NP+*100See Note 1 below
ParramattaLEELP62.1100Swing Up25.8
PenrithAYRES+LP+66.3100Swing Down-0.2By Election 2010
PittwaterSTOKES+LP+*100See Note 1 below
Port MacquarieWILLIAMSNP56.5100Swing Up11.0By Election 2008
Port StephensBAUMANN+LP+62.4100Swing Up12.4
RiverstoneCONOLLYLP70.2100Swing Up30.2
RockdaleFLOWERSLP53.5100Swing Up13.8
RydeDOMINELLO+LP+75.7100Swing Up12.7By Election 2008
ShellharbourWATSONALP+58.6100Swing Down-13.0
SmithfieldROHANLP54.8100Swing Up20.3
South CoastHANCOCK+LP+70.4100Swing Up12.6
StrathfieldCASUSCELLILP54.4100Swing Up19.5
SwanseaEDWARDSLP51.1100Swing Up11.9
SydneyMOORE+IND+53.1100Swing Down-13.5New TCP Candidates
TamworthANDERSONNP57.8100Swing Up12.5
TerrigalHARTCHER+LP+74.1100Swing Up15.7
The EntranceSPENCELP62.5100Swing Up17.3
ToongabbieREES+ALP+50.2100Swing Down-14.2
TweedPROVEST+NP+71.7100Swing Up18.7
Upper HunterSOURIS+NP+*100See Note 1 below
VaucluseUPTONLP+*100See Note 1 below
Wagga WaggaMAGUIRE+LP+*100See Note 1 below
WakehurstHAZZARD+LP+*100See Note 1 below
WallsendHORNERY+ALP+56.6100Swing Down-9.2
WilloughbyBEREJIKLIAN+LP+*100See Note 1 below
WollondillyROWELLLP64.7100Swing Up18.0
Wollongong100See Note 2 below
WyongWEBBERLP52.6100Swing Up9.5
Potential Composition of Legislative Assembly19683Total:90
Current Composition of Legislative Assembly50376Total:93

   + Sitting Candidate or Party

   Note 1: Actual Election Night results show the selection of only one of the 2 TCP candidates is correct, however the winning candidate is evident so has not been suppressed. Only the TCP percentages have been suppressed.

   Note 2: Actual Election Night results cast doubt on whether the selection of the 2 TCP candidates is correct, and does not provide a clear indication of who the correct candidates may be.Unless the candidates chosen are correct, the winning candidate using the TCP result may be erroneous, so has been suppressed.

   Note 3: The Electoral Commissioner has determined that there is no reliable method to decide the two TCP candidates for the district of Balmain and therefore the Returning Officer for Balmain is not undertaking a TCP count. The final result will be determined by a full distribution of preferences to be commenced after the 31st March 2011.